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Only their names are insignificant, not their function. The bridges of the A10 Tauernautobahn connect the north with the south of Europe. Over and through the Alps. Nevertheless, they are hardly noticed bridges, bridges with no symbolic value.
Barely noticeable as a bridge above – dominant and clear below. Always loud, fast and dangerous at the top – mostly quiet and tranquil at the bottom. They are not the highest, most spectacular bridges, nor are they the delicate cable-stayed, cast iron or steel bridges. And of course no Roman viaducts, brick or wooden bridges.
They are plain, simple functional buildings, anonymous engineering structures made of concrete.


Flatbook. 138 pages, 16.3 × 28 cm
Text, layout & Photography: Walter Oczlon
Publisher: Atelier Oczlon. Edition: 500
ISBN: 978-3-200-05505-6

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Awards for this book:






German Photo Book Prize, Gold Winner

Art Directors Club Germany, Silver Winner

iF Design Award, Winner

German Design Award, Winner

Creative Club Austria, Venus






Red Dot Design Award, Best of the Best

Red Dot Design Award, Grand Prix

Golden Pixel Award, Winner

Berliner Type, Dipl. Conception & photography

Art Directors Club of Europe, Silver Winner

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Red Dot Design Award 2018, Konzerthaus Berlin

Jury comments

Walter Oczlon's work UNDER THE BRIDGES not only speaks about the Alps as a living space, but also touches on fundamental questions about the medium of photography. Is what we see as viewers of the photo book also what the photographer saw?
Or is it a question of perspective, is it interpretation or a manipulation? Oczlon's images perhaps speak more about what we do not see than what is shown to us in the images: the endless band of vehicles that meanders from north to south and vice versa from south to north, the traffic of goods and goods in a globalized economy and, last but not least, the Mediterranean places of longing that are the destination of many travelers. Oczlon's look under the bridges creates a space that refers to the actual subject and allows the viewer's individual world to be reflected.
In his photo book UNDER THE BRIDGES, Walter Oczlon skillfully combines his photographic work with carefully thought-out book design to create an overall system that convinced the jury of the German Photo Book Prize.

Michael Danner, German Photo Book Prize

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