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WATER - form from movement


Photography – and only photography – can visualize more or less rapid water movements. In its active striving to become spherically round, it shapes and is shaped. Depending on the exposure time, individual moments or the sum of many moments can be imaged.
In addition to the choice of detail, the exposure time plays a crucial role in my water pictures. When looking for “my” picture, I find the “right” exposure time by taking instant photos.
With every change in time, new, different images with different shapes and colors are created.


Hardcover. 120 pages, 24 × 33 cm
Text, layout & Photography: Walter Oczlon
Publisher: Atelier Oczlon. Edition: 350
ISBN: 978-3-211-83896-1


Awards for this book:



Most beautiful book in Austria

State Prize for Communication, Design & photography

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