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See the coverings, photograph them, discuss them and present them adequately on paper. A book, more precisely a 31 meter long leporello, becomes an exhibition space and a museum for the photographic wrapping images. Through special printing & Folding techniques and elaborate hand binding make the book itself a wrapping object.
About the coverings shown in the book: They don't hide, but they hide everything! Good and bad! Beautiful and terrible! Undesigned and unpretentious, they are a social, cultural and architectural component in mostly public spaces. Obeying only their function, they cover, span, envelop and protect everyday things and are everyday things. The unintentionally aesthetic aspect, this coincidence of beauty, is what is fascinating about them. They are art without an artist! Temporary architecture without a name! They are always true! All the disguises shown in the book have this randomness, this nameless creativity. There is no longer any concealment. Only the book remains!


31 meter Leporello book, 382 pages,16.3 × 28 cm

Text, layout & Photography: Walter Oczlon

Publisher: Atelier Oczlon. Print: 1,000 books

1st binding October 2022, 250 books

ISBN: 978-3-200-08513-8

Awards for this book:

IF Design Award, Winner

German Design Award, Special Mention:

Excellent Communications Design, Books and Calendars

Award ceremony in Frankfurt

Red Dot Design Award,Best of the best 2023

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Walter Oczlon, photographer and graphic designer from St. Johann, Salzburg, was able to take a white Grand Prix trophy from the Red Dot Gala in Berlin to Austria for the second time. He already received this extraordinary prize for his work in 2018.

He is the first Red Dot Design Award participant from Austria to achieve this.

Jury comments

Handle with care: The impressive 31 meter long Leporello is like an endless chain of pictures. The photo series find a great stage here. What's particularly wow is the back in an eye-catching special color. The jury was impressed by the skilful play with the design elements: restrained typography, large-format photos, pointed use of color, high-contrast materiality - everything merges into an enchantingly poetic object.

Berliner Type, Gold Award, Commentary: Claudia Fischer-Appelt

Motifs from the book:

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